Current Events

The Boulder Contact Lab takes place every Sunday 10am-12:30pm
We dance 52 weeks a year! 

Please check the Calendar for schedule of locations.


Extended 3 hour Lab: March 1, 2015. 10am-2pm. Boulder Circus Center

Starhouse Lab: May 3, 2015. 10am-1pm. The Starhouse.

The Global Underscore!  

Date:  Sunday, June 23 
Time:  7:00am - 11:00am 
Potluck!:  11:00am - 12:30pm
Facilitated by Jun Akiyama, co-hosted by the Boulder Contact Lab.

NOTE:  The Underscore will replace this week's regular Contact Lab.  More info can be found at

More details coming soon!...

Silent Solstice Lab!  

December 23, 10-12:30pm, $5 - $10.

Join us for the dance of silence... a completely wordless Contact Lab... as we usher in the longest night by doing what we do best... DANCING. 
While sounding, gesturing to each other, and speaking words for safety are all ok, the intention is to deepen into our communal dance through the power of a shared silent space.  

Silence begins when you enter Circus Center.  Opening circle, dancing, and closing circle will all be in silence.  A bell will be rung after we bow out to break the silence.

Dear ones, please join us for a benefit concert in honor of our friend Michael Mathieu November 10 at Tensegrity Warehouse starting at 7:30pm.  

Hello community,

Please send your love and prayers to Michael Mathieu.  He was in a mountain biking accident on Monday 8/27 and broke his neck.  It is very serious.  He is currently in the hospital ICU, stable and beginning to breathe on his own.  He will need our love and prayers and help, particularly in the next few days, as he adjusts to big changes--his condition is quite fragile.  Whatever happens, he will need our deep love and support.  We have been asked to please focus on good energy and positive thoughts.

What can I do to help?
We are asked to visit his website: to post love and support for Michael and Beth and their families.  Please, for now, do not call Beth.  She is currently focusing her attention on Michael and their families.  We are asked to use the website as a hub for our support for Michael. 

For now, stay moving.  Dance, breath, love, and pray for this beautiful man.

We love you Michael.

Summer Solstice - Extended Lab

Dance with us in the fresh air, sunshine, n' shade at North Boulder Park!!!

Sunday, June 24th

10:00am - ???pm

NORTH BOULDER PARK, southwest corner

9th and Balsam

Boulder, Colorado 80304


Bring potluck food to share!

We will have some makeshift flooring but wear grass-stain-able clothes just in case :)

Lindsay will facilitate a simple site-specific warm up score after the opening circle

We'll dance as long as we want to...

Bring instruments, blankets, friends!

Come dance with us!

APRIL 2012

Hello dear contact dancers,

We've got some exciting news!  Please read below...

Dancing at Boulder Circus Center (and Pearl St. Studio):  After many months of collecting feedback and experimenting with different dance spaces it feels like the next step for our growing community is to host Lab more often at the Boulder Circus Center. We strongly considered the Avalon Ballroom, but for many reasons (including that Movement Mass is moving to Avalon on Sundays) we feel the BCC is the best next step for us, and is a wonderful space in general.  

Due to scheduling conflicts at the BCC we cannot reserve the space every Sunday. Therefore we'll be dancing at the Pearl Street Studio some weeks and the Boulder Circus Center on other weeks. For the next 4 months we'll be dancing at BCC 11 out of 18 Sundays. Please get used to checking the website calendar ( for the week's location! We'll also be passing out wallet-size calendars for the upcoming quarter at Lab to help you remember.

Extra 30 mins (10am - 12:30pm):  We've noticed at the end of Lab people are hungry for more dancing.  So we've decided to experiment with making the Labs at Boulder Circus Center 30 mins longer.  Labs at the BCC (with a few exceptions) will run from 10-12:30pm!  

New cost = $5 - $10:  Hosting lab at the BCC and extending lab by 30mins will double our rental costs, but as always, our goal is to keep the price reasonable for the community.  The cost for dancing at Lab is now $5-10.  

Thank you!  Our community is growing and evolving. Thank you for all of your patience, feedback, love, and support as we experiment with how to create an environment that lets us dance, love, and grow together.

For the dance,

The Core:  Lucien, J'free, Susan, Jennifer, Morgan, Victor, John and Lindsay

Lab is at Boulder Circus Center this Sunday April 8: 10am - 12:30pm, $5-10!

Past Events.....

May 2012

NEW Calendar on Website!

If you hadn't noticed, there's been a lot of changes at Lab recently. Experimentation with music / no music, changing locations, introducing more scores, etc. It's all part of growing and evolving to make this event and this Contact Improv community more alive. To keep up we'll be improving the website and updating our new Calendar. We invite you to co-create this experience with us.

Boulder Contact Lab - Music Discussion


1.  Opening Circle - 12:15pm   (10-15 Minutes)

 - Historical evolution of music and CI

 - Current Guidelines on music.

“Music. Music can be an amazing addition to help support the dance. It can also be a hindrance.  Playing music for improvisational movement is different than playing for a listening audience. Sometimes people feel like they want the added support of a musical score in the dance space and sometimes they feel like the music is creating the agenda of the dance instead of their own inner improvisational impulse. In this light we ask that musicians be very mindful of the impact their music has upon the entire space and everyone’s dance within it. Learn to “read the space”.  When you make music you are basically introducing another dance partner into the space with which dancers must either contend or move.  Generally speaking, music with a less driving presence and few or no words is more supportive of dancing at the Lab.  Another rule of thumb is to create equal times of silence and music in the Lab.”

2.  Experiential: (10 Minutes)

 - Brief dances in dyads to 3 different sound environments.

3.  Small Group Discussions: (20-30 Minutes)

-  Everyone’s opinion is important!

-  Ideally, everyone has the opportunity to speak. Please share the talking time.

-  Some Guiding Questions…

a.    What did you notice in the experiential/how does music affect your dance?

b.  What has been wonderful about music at Lab?

c.   What has been challenging for you about music at Lab?

d.  What kind of music works best with C.I.?

e.  As a musician, what do youwant to make sure the dancers know about what you do?

f.     As a dancer, what do you want to make sure the musicians know?

g.   How have you seen music and C.I. done in other contact communities?

h.   Anything else unsaid or needing discussion?

4.  Large Group Discussion and Harvest: (20-30 Minutes)

 - What do you take away from this as a musician/dancer for you own personal use?

 - What can the lab core take away from this in order to best support the dance and the accompanying soundscape?

- END at 1:45pm (Everyone out of the space before 2:00pm studio users)

5.    Please use the back of this paper to write any notes for yourself or the Core. 

- Thank you for investing in your community!

Coming Up!...

Boulder Winter Jam: (Jan 20-22) (

December 2011 Events...

1.  Boulder Holiday CI Jam & Potluck Dinner:  Saturday Dec 17th at Kelly's Barn ( will serve as our extended dance event this season. Please join us there!


2.  Christmas and New Years:  We will have regular lab (10-12 noon) every Sunday in December at Pearl Street Studio. That includes Dec 25 and Jan 1, which fall on a Sunday this year. Whether 3 people or 30 show up, the space will be available for whatever you want to bring to the dance.

3.  Dance Utopia:  December 9 - 11.

Winter Solstice - Extended Lab

with special guest sound artists Mark McCoin, 

Jesse Manno and Farrell Lowe!

Sunday, December 19th

10:00am - 2:00pm

Avalon Ballroom

6185 Arapahoe

Boulder, Colorado 80303

(Note location change for this event only)


Come dance with us, and bring a snack-potluck item to share!

Extended Boulder 
Contact Improvisation Lab and Potluck!
Planting the Seeds of the Dance
Father's DayJune 20th, 10am-2pm
Pearl Street Studio2126 Pearl St., Boulder, CO

This extended lab falls on Father's Day, a day of appreciation for the role of the father in our lives. As a theme for this lab, we ask the question: What would you like to grow in your dance?  This is an extended Contact Improvisation lab, providing more time to deepen into your dance.   This could mean sewing a seed for growth, riding an edge around your abilities in some way, inviting the role of the father into your dance, fertilizing something that is already germinating in your CI dance, or initiating a theme entirely new to you.  The garden of dance awaits....What seeds will you plant?

Contributions:  $4-7 (That's 4 hours for the cost of 2!)

This is a light potluck, so please bring some nourishing nibbles to share with your CI community!


NEW CORE MEMBER! = Jennifer Peck

Please welcome the newest member of our organizing team, Jennifer Peck.  We're very excited to have her as a Core member and look forward to her energy and input! 

Spring Equinox Extended Contact Lab!

March 28, 2010
10:00am - 2:30pm

Some lite snacks provided.  Bring a potluck item to share.

See you there!

Winter Solstice - Extended Lab!
Deepening Into Change
with special guest musician Anthony Salvo
Midwinter Solstice is the heart of winter, but it's also the opening to longer days ahead. 
Deepen into change--inner and outer--with dances long and short.

Sunday, December 20th

10:00am - 3:00pm

Come dance with us!
Brought to you by the Boulder Contact Lab Core Team 

...and paid for by your dance dollars!

Summer Solstice - Extended Lab!

Sunday, June 21st
10:00am - 3:00pm

Join us in dance for the longest day of the year!
...details to come...

Brought to you by the Boulder Contact Lab Core Team

...and paid for by your dance dollars!

Past Events.....

Vernal Equinox - Extended Lab!

with special guest vocalist Beth Quist!

Sunday, March 22nd
10:00am - 3:00pm

Join Us!
Equal Light and Dark
- The start of Spring!